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BELOW are some answers to what we think will be the most frequently asked questions.

Thank you for joining us as we resume a time-honored tradition celebrating Bay Area New Music and musicians  after a two-year pandemic hiatus,


FAQ Where is it? 

4499 Piedmont Ave, Oakland  [map] Note: allow time for parking which can be a challenge.

FAQ  Can I still hear lots of music if I come after work? 

Definitely, there will be lots of music going on until 9 pm!  

FAQ Are masks required?

Yes. Since most of the  concert is indoors, and to ensure everyone's safety, we ask that attendees wear masks at all times,  Masks should be surgical, KN95 or  or N95. Check here for a list of places that provide free masks.

FAQ How do I get tickets?

Tickets are available online on Eventbrite. No tickets will be available on site - but you can buy tickets from your mobile until the event concludes

FAQ What is the cost of a ticket?

Adults: $20. Seniors & Students: $15.  Children: $5. 

FAQ Can I buy tickets at the door? 

No, tickets are only available on Eventbrite.  Please buy tickets before you arrive at the door. We will post QR tags to the Eventbrite site.

FAQ Is the Chapel of the Chimes accessible for people requiring accommodation?   
Unfortunately, the Chapel of the Chimes is only partially handicap accessible. There is access to the main entrance, and to the top floor (where there will be performers), but not in between, and there is no elevator from the top floor to the ground floor - one must exit and go around the building. Please contact us at newmusicbayarea at gmail dot com if you have questions.


FAQ Are children welcome? 

Yes, this is an ideal concert for children,  Guardians should  make sure they keep on the paths and don't step into the garden areas. And with all in attendance, proof of vaccination is required.

FAQ  Is the venue wheelchair accessible? 

Only partially. Because of its many narrow staircases, the entire Chapel of the Chimes building is not wheelchair accessible, but the main floor, by the Piedmont entrance, is accessible, so you can hear Kitka, Paul Dresher and Joel Davel, Carl Stone, Dylan Mattingly, Kate Stenberg, Sarah Cahill and others.  If you are at the Howe Street entrance, you can hear a lot of great music on that level as well.

FAQ What's the parking situation?

Parking is even more limited than in previous years, because part of Piedmont Avenue may be blocked off.  Please consider carpooling, public transportation, bicycling, or walking. 

FAQ How do I know when and where ensembles are performing?
On the Performers Map you will see that musical ensembles are playing simultaneously in various chambers of the Chapel of the Chimes.  The audience wanders and listens as long as they want in each area.  Where two performers are listed, they alternate their sets. And in the main Chapel auditorium with three performers, this is their schedule:

5 pm- Dylan Mattingly 

5:30- Kitka

6- Sarah Cahill

6:30- Dylan Mattingly

7- Kitka

7:30- Sarah Cahill

8- Dylan Mattingly

8:30- Kitka

FAQ Will there be food available? 

There will be three food trucks on site, and plenty of restaurants on Piedmont Avenue just a few blocks away.  Please bring your own refillable water bottle.  Food is not allowed in the Chapel of the Chimes, but there will be tables set up outside.

FAQ (for  prospective 2023 performers) How can I apply to participate next year?

In early Spring of 2023, send a proposal to newmusicbayarea at gmail dot com.  We will ask you to fill out a submission form for review by a small committee of musicians and producers

FAQ What  if I have additional questions? 

Contact us at newmusicbayarea at gmail dot com. We'll do our best to get back to you with answers as soon as we are able.

FAQ Will it be hot? 
YES! Dress appropriately. Bring a reusable h2o bottle. Pace yourself! Enjoy! 


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